Spotlight on Summit!

A digital collection of the history and accomplishments of Arizona Summit Law School (ASLS).

New and Notable

Constitutional Turf Wars: Competing for the Consent of the Governed

Constitutional Turf Wars.pdf

Lively, Donald E.


Debate over the role of the American judiciary is as established and enduring as the American republic. Chief Justice Marshall, in 1803, announced…

Reformist Myopia and the Imperative of Progress; Lessons for Post-Brown Era

Reformist Myopia.pdf

Lively, Donald E.


Over the course of two centuries, constitutional law has evolved as both a source and ratification of moral development. The processes of constructing…

Legalization of Marijuana and the Conflict with International Drug Control Treaties


Panicker, Biju


The present system of worldwide drug control is based upon three international conventions: the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs as amended by the…